Scandinavian instrumental, singing and dance workshops, featuring top level musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Norway will take place on June 10, 2016 in and around Nisswa, Mn. You must sign up in advance for these. These workshops are offered in conjunction with Nisswa-stämman Scandinavian Folkmusic Festival, June 10, 11, 2016. Sessions are 1-3/4 hours long. The first one starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 11:45 a.m. The second one starts at 1:15 p.m. and ends at 3 p.m. For some of the locations a 'spelmans' lunch is offered at 11:45 am. Cost for the sessions is $30 each. All locations are close enough together so it is possible to drive between them over lunchtime. All workshops are generally taught by ear and participants are encouraged to bring recording devices. The 'spelmans lunch' starts at 11:45 a.m., and consists of cold cuts, vegies, fruit, etc and costs an extra $5. (note - no lunch is provided at the dance workshops...but, you can buy lunch right at the Nisswa Legion and/or downtown Nisswa is close with several restaurants available) After you signup you will receive more information about your workshop, including a detailed map for getting there.

TO SIGN UP, PLEASE CONTACT JANET HILL - Janet Hill <> or 218-259-4090.

It is always possible that we may have trouble filling all the workshops with students. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please pass the word along... think of any scheme you can to get the word out in your community! Thanks!

If your chosen workshop is not 'viable' because of a lack of sign-ups, you will either be asked to pick a second choice... OR, you could perhaps negotiate a private lesson with that teacher too. Janet will keep you informed.

Workshop locations All of the workshops take place in the Nisswa area, mostly in the homes of generous volunteers. Give yourself plenty of drive time to find them :)   The website will be updated soon with locations.

Workshop teachers, descriptions

*** Remember...all workshops are generally taught by ear and participants should bring recording devices***

Fiddling / Nyckelharpa / Cello / Diatonic Accordion workshops

10 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.  Finnish Fiddling with Tero Hyvaluoma. . . Tero is top-notch Finnish fiddler and main fiddle instructor at the Sibelius Academy Folk Music department in Helsinki. He has been touring with several bands and projects around the world, in over 40 countries on 5 continents. He’s not afraid of any style and has been fiddling widely from folk music circles via heavy metal to jazz. He has edited two books about Central Ostrobothnian fiddle style and tunes. In this workshop he will teach traditional fiddle tunes and style from his home village Veteli, in Central Ostrobothnia, Western Finland.

10 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.  Swedish Fiddling with Hans Kennemark . . . Hans Kennemark is one the most well known fiddlers and folk musicians in Sweden. Over the years he has worked with groups like Forsmark 3, Bäsk, Nordik tree and Septentrio. As a composer he has contributed to spreading folk music to wider circles. Not least through the cooperation with Swedish poet and songwriter Alf Hambe. Their combined works for choirs and orchestras have been played in churches across the north, parts of northern Europe and the U.S. He´s also a well known teacher in music institutions in Sweden and Finland and works now at Academy of Music and Drama, Göteborg University. In1985 he was awarded national Swedish fiddler (Riksspelman). In his workshop he will present tunes from Västergötland. Hans requests that you have good knowledge in playing fiddle and are able to learn by ear. He will not be handing out sheet music, but will carefully play his tunes for you to record at the workshop.

10 a.m.
- 11:45 a.m.  Folk Cello with Leonor Palazzo . . . The cello is a great instrument that brings depth, groove and smiles in any jam session. This workshop will focus on developing a subtle and rich style with some beautiful tunes from Sweden. Feeling the tunes in your body is essential and that’s exactly what we’ll work on. We’ll give attention to bowing, posture, ornaments and together we’ll find the keys to a better technique. You might even get some tricks for accompaniment like chops and how to create a simple bass line. Leonor is a cellist with many strings at her bow, playing folk music from Sweden for many years, but also baroque and classical music. She performed at Nisswa-stämman two years ago with the Riksspelman Ellinor Fritz from Dalarna, Sweden. We will work by ear so don’t forget your recording devices. Read more about Leonor here:  If there are special needs or questions, you can contact Leonor at that site as well. 

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m.  Danish Fiddling with Kristian Bugge . . ."Danish Folk Instrumentalist of the year" awarded in 2006, Kristian Bugge is very active in the Danish and Scandinavian folk music scene, both as a musician and teacher. He is currently playing in several ensembles including Lydom, Bugge & Høirup, Jensen & Bugge, Dwight Lamb, Baltic Crossing, Habadekuk, Wenzell & Bugge and more.
In the workshop we will work on traditional music from a few of the most famous Danish folk music regions. Kristian has been specializing in musical dialects from around the country. Some of the richest areas are small Islands like Læsø and Fanø and the northwestern region called Thy. And Kristian’s home region around the town of Vejle on the Jutland east coast. The repertoire will consist of old dance tunes: whirling walzes, happy polkas, groovy jigs, fiery reels and breathless hopsas, plus the exotic “Sønderhoning” dance tunes from the Island of Fanø. So there is more than enough to work on for an afternoon workshop like this. We’ll mainly play by ear, so bring some simple recording equipment.

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m - Nyckelharpa workshop with Esko Järvelä .... "I started to play Nyckelharpa at the age of 15. At that time I was going through a stage learning and listening to a lot of traditional Swedish folk music. I took a few lessons with my cousin Arto Järvelä in the start but I'm mostly self-educated. I played Nyckelharpa in various projects during my studies at Sibelius Academy which forced me to find techniques and ways to approach different styles. Karuna is the first and so far the only long-term band that I play the Nyckelharpa with. My plan is to concentrate on old Finnish polska manuscripts found in Ostrobothnian region in western Finland. I've normally taught all the tunes by ear and then given out sheet music afterwards, so the learning process will happen by ear. It's recommended to bring recording devices."

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m.  Hardingfele with Vidar Skrede . . . from Haugesund, Norway, Vidar is a freelance Nordic folk musician on guitar, harding fiddle, fiddle and Greek bouzouki. He has a background in the traditional music from Rogaland (South West of Norway), and has a master degree in Nordic folk music at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Vidar is known from bands like Vidar Skrede DYNAMO BAND (with Pilvi Järvelä and Jani Kivelä from Tsuumi Sound System), Geitungen, The Secret Carpet Club (with Emma Johansson from Eter, Seaquins - and Carl Nyqvist), AAMOS (with Kevin Henderson from Fiddlers' Bid, Boys of the Lough - and Mark Laurenson). He has also performed with artists like Vegar Vårdal, Patrik Andersson, Frode Haltli, Stian Carstensen (from Farmers Market), Kristian Bugge (from Baltic Crossing), Niklas Roswall (from Ranarim), Zar (DK), Bodega (UK), and Sver (NO) and Liz Carrol (USA). His hardingfele workshop will work on tunes from Rogaland and from traditions of the West of Norway. You will learn by ear, so bring your recording devices. Sheet music will be provided after the workshop.

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m.  Guitar accompaniment and stories with Morten Høirup . . . Morten Alfred Høirup has been playing guitar for over 20 years and is a master of his instrument. His playing is expressive, powerful, yet graceful. He is also a great storyteller. From Morten about his workshop: "We will work on backing and possibly also melody, depending on who is attending the workshop. We will look at some of the tunes we teach in the other Danish workshops, so that the participants of those can actually play together when the crazy Danes has left the premises :). We will look at techniques for playing for dance as well as concert. Of course all levels of players are welcome, but it's a good idea to bring a recording device, as things might go a little too fast for you if you are a beginner on your instrument. We do not use written music, so its all about the listening and playing." For his engagement in the roots and folk music scene during the years, he recieved a Danish Music Award (Danish “Grammy”) in the category “Award of Honor” in 2012, another award from Danish Musicians Union as “Årets Ildsjæl” (Fiery Soul of the Year) in 2014, and Musik over Præstø Fjord’s “Spillemandsprisen” (The Folk Musicians Award), for his “great efforts to create awareness of the Danish folk music – also outside the country” in 2015.

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m.  Diatonic accordion / Harmonica with Sonnich Lydom . . . Sonnich (accordion, harmonica, vocal) is a master of Danish traditional tunes. During the last 25 years he’s been leading the revival for diatonic accordion and harmonica in the Danish folk music. Sonnich holds a special place in his heart for the music from the Western Island of Fanø, where his family is deeply rooted. He is best know from his work with the ULC trio and later quintet (adding jazz pianist Peter Rosendal and bassist Mads Vinding). ULC recieved the Danish Music Award (Danish "Grammy") in the category "Folk Album of the year" in 2001 and 2004. Sonnich normally plays in the key of D. If you have a one, two or three row accordion with one row in the key of D that would be good. On the other hand if you have a G/C accordion, he could borrow a G/C to use for instruction. After we find out who is interested in taking the workshop, we will determine which key will work the best.

Ensemble Workshops

Ensemble workshops are open to all instruments and cost $30 for each 1.75 hour session session. Besides learning some neat tunes.. you basically will be getting a private house concert from some great musicians :)

10 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. - Lydom, Bugge & Høirup This ensemble workshop will not only introduce you to a few great traditional tunes from different regions of Denmark, including the famous "Sønderhoning" - dance tunes from the Danish island, Fanø, where Sonnich lives. We will also teach the tunes to you, arrange them with you, and finally we'll perform them all together. You’ll get some wonderful music to take home and to play with your friends, and some quite spicy stories about the old musicians, their lives and their ways to party. All kind of instruments are more than welcome, but we’ll mainly play by ear, so don't forget to bring some simple recording equipment.

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m - Septentrio ... Septentrio is known for their tight, musical and sensitive ensemble playing. This is what they will bring to you with this workshop. The main focus will be playing together, listening to the other musicians, and learning some tunes from Septentrio’s repertoire. The members of the band have during their career played with famous folk and world music bands such as Forsmark III, Nordik Tree, Ellinor & Leonor, Tsuumi Sound System, Tokso etc. During this workshop, you’ll learn new tunes and get some ideas to have fun with arrangements, and maybe even composing. But don’t worry, with all their teaching experience, Hans, Hannu and Leonor will make sure everyone gets a reasonable level of challenge and, most importantly, enjoys playing music!!

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m - Haaga Folk Machine ... HFM is a Finnish folk trio from Helsinki on fiddle, harmonium and guitar. Influenced by Finnish folklore, bluegrass, jazz and rock music, the group performs Nordic folk music with outstanding groove and twist. These young and Sibelius-Academy educated musicians are known from many top-notch Finnish folk music groups. In this workshop the Haaga boys will teach traditional Scandinavian tunes and show what kind of tools and tricks they use to arrange them for a modern folk ensemble. They will work with their arrangements, so any instrument is suitable and welcome for the workshop. 

Song Workshop

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m. Svensk Snapsvisor (drinking songs) with Elise Peters . . . Svensk snapsvisor are a traditional part of the Swedish culture. Join Elise Peters as she shares some familiar and less familiar snapsvisor that she has learned on her many trips to Sweden. No previous singing experience necessary. Participants are encouraged to bring recording devices. Some handouts will be available. Elise Peters has throughout her life travelled to Sweden. As a college student and as an adult, she has attended many parties and gained a repertoire of fun songs that add to the party atmosphere. In addition to singing, Elise enjoys folkmusik through nyckelharpa and fiddle playing as well as dancing.

Gammal Dance Workshops

We have three dance workshops this year. Please TELL YOUR FRIENDS! We need all the dancers we can get, and then some. The workshops will take place in two locations, at the Nisswa American Legion and in the Dance Barn at the Nisswa Pioneer Village. Participants are encouraged to have smooth soled shoes. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING A PARTNER!
You can eat lunch in Nisswa at the Legion Club (great lunches!) or at several other restaurants.

10 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.  ... with Elise Peters ... Details arriving soon!

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m ... Carol Sersland and Steven Petersen will get you turning and twirling with the Scandinavian waltz - in the usual clockwise direction and adding a fun counter-clockwise direction. Waltz tunes are played often at Nisswa and adding the twirling motion gives a basic waltz a new dimension. In the second hour we will review Røros pols. Pols is a Norwegian dance in ¾ time (with an intriguing 1 and 3 beat emphasis). Join us to learn the rund snu (round turn), and the bakmes (backwards turn). Art Bjorngjeld’s accordion music will inspire your best dancing-self to come out on the dance floor.

1:15 p.m. - 3 p.m. Tango with Tuttila!  Ralph Tuttila . . . Finns got heat, yes the Sauna sizzles but their tantalizing tango truly rules.
Learn to dance Finnish Tango with Rauli Tuttila with assistance by Jana Lindgren Tuttila. No partner needed ( we will rotate partners) couples singles all welcome. Finnish Tango is seriously sensual but Nordic friendly and fun.

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