Peter Uhrbrand, Ole Mouritzen, Kirstine Uhrbrand

Peter Uhrbrand explains:

Ole and I learned to play the local Fanoe-music from the legendary Brinch-brothers, Frits and Sören Brinch in Sönderho, who were the 6th generation of fiddlers/musicians from the Brinch family.  The tradition of dance and music is still living and has been going on, unbroken, for at least 300 years! One of those brothers, Sören Brinch had a son - Erling Brinch, who was a brilliant piano-player for Fanö-music. In the eighties Ole and I started to work locally together with Erling Brinch, playing for dance, weddings and parties.

In 1986 we were asked to join a very new and famous Folk Music Festival in Falun, Dalarna, Sweden. Of course this festival wanted a band name. This was a problem, as we only played locally and the band name was "Peter, Ole and Erling" but they wanted us to find a  "proper" name. We were joking  a lot about this, and there were a lot of very bad suggestions. One evening we talked about the old U.S.A. band "The Weavers" and we got an idea! In Sönderho we have a dialect-word in the meaning of drinking "brändevin" - the word is: "sweeve”.  A lot of Danish people have a hard time to pronounce the English word: "The" - and the Danish version for that is "Jä". So suddenly the band-name "Jä Sweevers" came up, poof!

We played together for 10 years both locally and all over the country - and in Sweden a couple of times. Erling sadly passed away in the early 90’s. He was a very good friend and colleague and we did not know what to do, as this music is very unique and special and it seemed like no one could replace him. My daughter Kirstine played piano all her childhood and knew all the music from my wife and me - who have been playing the music "every day in her childhood!!" - and suddenly she was sitting at the piano bench and played together with us!

It is a great pleasure and enjoyment for Ole and I to play together with her, and I am very thankful and happy she is coming together with us to Nisswa :-)

 Check out the youtube of Jæ' Sweevers playing at the SönderhoBall by scrolling down the page!

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