Ellinor & Leonor

With their fiddle and 5-string cello Ellinor & Leonor are carrying on with the music that brought them together. The duo brings to life forgotten musical wonders from the 19th century, sparkling gammaldans tunes, and they also contribute to the tradition with compositions of their own. The essence of the “spelmansmusik” is always in focus, revealing the dancing and melodic heart of each tune with sensibility and style.

The riksspelman Ellinor Fritz and the Belgian cellist Leonor Palazzo have been in the USA in 2012 and performed in different states from the Twin Cities and Deerwood, MN to Chicago, IL. They are back this summer with a longer tour and their first album “Mormors trädgård”. Ellinor and Leonor started playing as a duo in 2011 but they met during their studies in Gothenburg at the Academy of Music and Drama. Since then they have been performing around Sweden, for instance at Delsbostämman, Rättviks gammelgård, Stockholms royal Palace, Folkmusikkaféet in Gothenburg, and will be touring in France and Switzerland in May. Ellinor & Leonor are appreciated both for their concerts and as dance musicians.

Leonor Palazzo graduated as a classical cellist in Brussels and later on adopted the Swedish traditional music and baroque music in her skill set. She performs in different groups including Septentrio, Ensemble Bradamante and has performed in many European countries, Korea and the USA.

Ellinor Fritz was born in Hedemora and was awarded the title of Rikspelman in 2011. After her music studies at the Conservatory in Falun and the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg she has toured with folk and world musicians all over Sweden, in Europe and China. She has also worked with the electronic composer Hans Appelqvist and performed with modern dance groups. Ellinor has worked as a violin and music teacher at primary schools in several locations in Dalarna and she is now a teacher student at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. In 2010, Ellinor was awarded the Tällberg foundation scholarship for young fiddlers from Dalarna, where the purpose is to travel abroad and interact with the Swedish-American culture in the USA.

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