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"I consider Nisswa Stämma to be the most authentic Scandinavian folk music festival in North America. More than any other event of its kind, Nisswa achieves the atmosphere and experience of traditional musician gatherings in Sweden and Norway."  1/12/2013

Ben Teitelbaum, Head of Nordic Studies, University of Colorado

1. Nisswa program performing schedule

2. Dance schedules Friday night and Saturday night schedules

3. Festival map See the layout of the Pioneer Village and note the musician's changing / instrument storage / bathroom location

4. Friday Night Concert and Sound Check schedule Also there is a map to the Lutheran Church of the Cross, site of the concert

5. Friday Night Warm-up rooms Lutheran Church of the Cross

6. Instrument and Dance Workshop sign-ups - see who has signed up

7. Workshop maps - check the overall map of locations and download pdf maps for each home.

8. Commonly played Allspel tunes help me remember more!

9. First Timers Read this if you haven't performed at Nisswa-stämma before. It gives you a good overview of what happens

10. Rainsite map Read info about the rainsite... Remember we actually may have to do this!!! (once so far in 14 years)

11. Sunday Brunch Sherwood Forest Tavern Info and directions to the great Sunday brunch

12. Volunteer staff schedules

13. Festival site crew map

14. Nisswa Traffic Flow google earth view

Click on the schedule to download a printable pdf file!

ALLSPEL TUNES   -   I have a new handy dandy spreadsheet this year! Click on it to download a pdf file.

Äppelbo gånglåt
Gärdebylåten gånglåt 
Noas snoa
Frisells gånglåt
Stenbergs marsch

Svensk Annas Vals
Vals from Kall
Ore vals
Balzer Jungfrun (alvdalens waltz)
Chicago vals
Hälsa dem där hemma
Life in the finnish woods
Rapp-Kalles vals
Røragen vals
Sat night waltz
Skåne vals
Stens vals
Timas Hans schottis
Fire barn schottis
Johan på snippen
Ringnesen reinlender
Schottis from Idre
Sjuttis schottis
B-minor schottis

Karis Pers polska
Skinnbracka med lucku
Båtsman däck
D-dur polska
Hambo på logen
Jann mor polska

2015 Workshop signups

WORKSHOPS $20 per session
Names listed in Red will be the folks collecting money
please bring exact cash for all checks please
$5 extra for the fiddlers lunch at each location

Remember to refresh your browser when you visit this page .. otherwise you will be looking at an old version of this list

Workshop Map Download Links
Bennetts Dance Barn Windhs Eliasons Cook/Hopkins Moores Nisswa Legion

Here is a map showing locations for workshops. This map will not be good enough to get you to your workshop location, but is meant to give you
an overall idea of relative locations to help with your planning. For specific directions, click on the individual links below the map.

**Download the individual maps that you will need for the day NOW!:**

Bennetts Dance Barn Windhs Eliasons Cook/Hopkins Moores Nisswa Legion
Rydbergs is the annual juggling act to try to fit everyone in to the dance schedule. I never succeed in pleasing everyone..I know that. I do try though. If you are an 'in-between' musician this year...Be ready, have your instrument in tune and in your hands so you can start playing right away. In some cases you may have time for 2 tunes. This schedule is printed in the festival program, and we will also have the schedule posted in the dance hall, so you can refer to it that evening.

Map to the Church of the Cross... click on this map to download a pdf file for printing



Here is a look at the festival set up for 2014. Please remember that the musician's changing room / storage center and bathroom is in the basement of the "History Center" building.  Enter by the rear entrance. This area is reserved for musician's only.

We have only had to use the rain site once in 15 years, so it's not likely we will have to do it! The important thing to remember is that if we move during the stamma, the schedule just goes on... If you happen to be performing when we move, you will likely lose the rest of your performance time :(  All the stages are desgnated in this school layout. Everybody needs to pitch in and be really helpful to make this work. "Accomodation" is the key word, though a hipster of aquavit could be very helpful too..... 



Hello folks,

I'm writing this info for all of you 'first timers' to Nisswa-stämman so you will know what will happen, (or, what's supposed to happen) and what to expect. You may want to print this out for reference later, when you will actually need it!

Friday night is the opening concert at the Lutheran Church of the Cross. For those of you involved in the concert, you will want to arrive by 6 pm or so. We have volunteers staffing a "musician's packet room". Go to the room and pick up your performers packet. If you ordered any extra smorgasbord tickets, you should pay for them at that time. You will also need to get your wristband there. We will have rooms available for warming up. Our local spelmanslag, Skal Klubben plays warm up music for about 45 minutes before the concert begins. All of the performers for the evening sit in chairs set on either side of the stage, facing the audience. Try to be in these chairs by 6:50 pm so we can start promptly. Remember that we are on a very tight schedule Friday night, so only take the amount of time 'alloted' to you in the schedule (see the friday performing schedule listed on this blog page above).

Directions to the church (all of these directions are also available on our web site complete with maps)

The Lutheran Church of the Cross is 11.6 miles north of the intersection of Hwy 210 and Hwy 371 in Baxter, or1.6 miles south of Nisswa on Hwy 371. Turn east at Schaefers Market (Hwy 371 at County Roads 13 & 77).

After the concert is the dance at the Nisswa Legion Club. Even if you don't perform that night, it's a really neat event so you should try to make it!

Sat morning, the event begins with a musician's parade which starts from the south end of Nisswa (Nisswa Square) and goes about 4 blocks to the north end of Nisswa, ending at the Pioneer Village. You are all welcome to participate in the parade. Just attach yourself to a group that's walking and playing, or make up your own group. We start marching at approximately 10 am and get to the village by 10:15 am. Then there are a few speeches (very short) and we all play tunes together - an allspel. The allspel finishes about 10:45 or so and then people fan out to the various stages to get ready for the first sets which begin at 11 am. After that, things just go like clockwork all day long...It's important to quit your performance about 7 minutes before the end of your alloted considerate of the group following you. As I mentioned in a previous email, we do have a changing room/instrument storage area on the grounds...see the site map.

The stämma ends with another allspel at 4:30 are all welcome to play in that as well.

The smorgasbord starts at 4:30 pm, at the Nisswa American Legion. You will have tickets with times printed on the ticket. That's when you will eat.

The dance at the Nisswa Legion Club begins at 7:30 pm. It's a long night of great music!

On Sunday morning, there is a Musician, Staff and Volunteer brunch at the Sherwood Forest Tavern (see below) It starts at 10 am and you are all welcome and encouraged to come. It's a great way to wind down before heading back to the dreaded 'real world'.

Map with directions to the Sunday Brunch at the Sherwood Forest Tavern - $13.95. Hours - 9:30 am to 1 pm, but try to show up sometime around 10 am so we can be there together.

Click on the map for a higher resolution map to print out.




Site Plan for the Site Crew!!!!

click on the image to download the pdf file for printing!

NIsswa Traffic Flow!!!