WHO: Vocal Quartet Trolldom
WHAT: Concert tour in the U.S.
WHEN: June 10th ­ June 27th 2004.
WHERE: Western North Dakota / Minnesota

The Norwegian vocal quartet Trolldom will perform at various venues throughout Minnesota and North Dakota this June.Maria Jardardottir, Therese Ulvan, Cecilie Giskemo and Kari Nergaard Bleivik make up the group that was established in England in 2002. They mainly perform original music written and arranged by the members who met through music studies at Leeds College of Music.

"In a world of soulless, synthetic pop it's refreshing to come across young artists with genuine musical talent. The ladies of the vocal group Trolldom are such individuals, blending impeccably composed originals, timeless Jazz classics, and tuneful Norwegian Folk songs into their own unique sound," said singer/songwriter Alex Schaetzing. "Their angelic vocal harmonies, friendly interaction with the audience and display of sheer musical ability makes for a memorable evening each and every time they perform."

Each member of Trolldom brings a strong individual persona that combines for a unique vocal texture and extremely diverse sound that represents a versatile mix of influences and styles. "We sort of overlap each others qualities and inferiorities so well. We are four very strong personalities with so much in common yet so many differences, and the balance of all these ingredients blends very well." Said Maria.

Maria is finishing her third year of studies in jazz music in a program that is built strongly on performance and composition. She studies Indian improvisation in addition to jazz improvisation and free improvisation and plans to pursue a Master of Jazz course.

Cecilie has a BA in jazz studies and is currently working on a Masters in contemporary music and arts at Dartington College of Music, South England. Her interests, which include painting and performing arts, are very much interpreted in her work.

Kari recently completed a very diverse education graduating with a Masters in advanced jazz studies. She currently works as a singer and vocals tutor at the music college. In addition to her travel and performance with Trolldom she is also part of an electric duo called Sonic Stories.

Therese is about to finish her Bachelor Degree majoring in Jazz Music. Her course of study included emphasis on performing arts with workshops by jazz artists Tina May and Lee Gibson. She spent her time as a student performing at various venues throughout Europe and giving vocal lessons.

Trolldom's diverse blend of training and education blends nicely with the member's personalities to give them ability to touch diverse audiences. "We have enough material to make every concert special to fit the audience." Said Therese.

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Trolldom vocal quartet was established in Leeds in England 2002 where the four Norwegian members, Therese Ulvan, Kari Nergaard Bleivik, Cecilie Giskemo and Maria Jardardottir met through music studies at Leeds College of Music.

Trolldom means magic in Norwegian and together their voices are magic! Their repertoire represents a versatile mix of influences and music styles:

) Trolldom performs original music written and arranged by the members of the group. Each member has their very own sound that, put together, creates a unique vocal texture and in a varied collection of compositions.
) They sing traditional folk tunes from Norway and Sweden incorporating the passion and temperament from traditional music.
) Trolldom loves contemporary and traditional vocal jazz - with sources from the swing era all the way up to today's multifunctional vocal techniques and timbres.
) and lastly ... classical church sonorities related to Gregorian chant.

Trolldom's style is to employ improvisation to all of their music, derived from both jazz and folk music, as well as free improvisation.

During the summer 2003 Trolldom toured in Norway with great success. They had concerts at:
- Molde International Jazz Festival: with several concerts, live performance and interview with Knut Borge through NRK P2­ Norwegian Broadcasting.
- Hoppsjødagene Festival at Hitra outside Trondheim: with concerts in Hitra Kirke (Hitra Church) and at Hoppsjøbrygga (The Hoppsjø Harbour).
- Kristiansund Kystkulturfestival (Kristiansund Coast Culture Festival): outdoor opening concert of the festival.

Trolldom's future plans:

- In the end of November 2003, Trolldom recorded material for their first cd release, due out in the winter of 2004.
- The quartet is booked to tour Germany during the spring time 2004, with focus on Berlin as their main region.
- In the summer of 2004 they have booked their first American tour. So far their tour includes Nisswa-stämman in Nisswa, Minnesota, a community performance in Fergus falls, Mn, the Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival in Moorhead, Mn and an appearance in Grand Forks, N.D.
- In September 2004 they will return to the USA to perform at the Norsk Høstfest in Minot, North Dakota, In conjunction with that performance they are also booking concerts in Chicago and the surrounding area.


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