Sweeds in the Weeds

Char Bostrom Bruce Johnson
Kristen Ottoson
Daniel Dahlin


©2008 Nisswa-stämman
     The Swedes in The Weeds is a group from the Twin Cities. They play Traditional Swedish folk fiddle music which was brought to this country by Bruce's father Edwin Johnson. Bruce Johnson the leader of the group, plays an old style of harmony which is father brought from Sweden in 1924. The group plays tunes from Rättvik, Binsjö and Boda located in Dalarna, Sweden. Daniel Dahlin, Bruce's nephew's son, plays lead fiddle. He has picked up the tradition and is well on his way to become a great fiddler. Char Bostrom plays beautiful harmonies with great feeling. Kristen Ottoson is also a great up coming fiddler. This will be Kristin's first performance with this high spirited group. The Swedes in the Weeds play with alot of feeling and energy, and show it when they play. Make sure to take in one of their sets, unless you are susceptibile to motion sickness.