The name of a folkmusic group containing two families on violin and mouth harmonica.
PLAYING ITCH?....Oh, that is what we got, the four of us....Leif & Carita.... Bosse & Birgitta
We love to play for entertainment, but we rather play for dancing, generally not more than four hours...

The folkmusic group PLAYING ITCH - SPELKLÅDA (in swedish) consists of two families, Carita & Leif Wallin and Birgitta & Bo Björkman. We are playing folks music mostly from Södermanland. But we try anything at least twice....We are allso members of RfG (Rekarne Folkdans Society) and naturally also members of Södermanlands Spelmansförbund.

We play for entertainment but we would rather play for dancing for that is what we like the most. We play for weddings, celebrations or just merrymaking. In our repertoire you find waltz, schottis, polka, mazurka, hambo, polska, gånglåtar, marches and gift tunes. We also play engelska, (kind of European square dance) and other types of 'family dances'.

We also play for folkdance groups during Midsummer festivities Also we have a Folks dance "choreographer" in Birgitta Björkman. All in the group can dance Swedish old time dances.
We could show you or even teach some strange swedish dances!

For engagement in Sweden call Leif & Carita tel 016-212 90. We will be traveling in Minnesota with another group from Sörmland called Beccy's group. Take a look at both of us together!

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