Saana Ensemble is a vocal group of five Finns who live in the Twin Cities. They perform both accompanied and a cappella Finnish music in Finnish, from traditional folk tunes to popular music from the 40's to current.

For accompaniment, Saana Ensemble utilizes guitars, accordeon, piano, clarinet, recorder and various kitchen gadgets with percussive qualities.

The name Saana has a few references; in relatively flat Finland, Saana is one of the highest hills in the part of Lapland that is within Finnish borders. Saana hill has a unique shape that all Finns recognize. Saana is also used as a female first name in Finland. The more twisted reference has to do with the Finnish institution of sauna, the hot steamy bath. Sauna is probably the only Finnish word that has been adopted by other languages. To the dismay of many Finns, English speakers do not correctly pronounce this precious word and omit the "u" sound, thus pronouncing it "sah-na" as in Saana.


Finnish traditional folk tunes (often with a modern twist)
Tangos from 1950's
Songs by Kaj Chydenius
Current Finnish pop tunes, incl. Ultra Bra