5 guys met at music festival/stämma in Sweden in 2009 and became instant friends. The festival was “Glamusikfestival Hallen”. Perras was born. Together they play lots of old tunes from Gudbransdalen, Trøndelag as well as more modern tunes by Jostein Sørbøen, Jutullaget and Toradertrioen. The most important thing to the men of Perras is that the music has the right rhythm for dancing…. so prepare to dance!

- Endre (Perras) Pedersen (button box) - from Oslo
- Geir Kolsvik  (button box) - from Grong, Trøndelag
- Jorulf Kolsvik  (double bass) - from Grong, Trøndelag, living in Oslo
- Kjell Fjerdingen (guitar) - from Namsos, Trøndelag
- Syver Olstad (accordion) - from Lom, Gudbrandsdalen, Trøndelag

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