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Scandinavian Folk Music

The Scandinavian folk music scene has been gaining strength in recent years! The phenomenon is due greatly to young Scandinavian folkmusicians "stretching" their folk music. This is a trend seen in many folk cultures around the world. The inherent danger of this "stretching" is the loss of individual cultural identity in the music.

Safe to say, this is not happening in the Scandinavian new folkmusic movement because the players are truly grounded in their tradition. They've put in the hours with elder master musicians learning polska phrasings and springar pulses. This way they can always keep an "ear" to their unique musical heritage as they explore rhythms and sounds from other cultures.

On a "dual" track, this increased visibility of the "new" Scandinavian folk music has inspired lots of budding folk musicians, in Scandinavia and here in America, to take up the torch themselves. They are playing the old tunes in the old way and enjoying it just as much as their forefathers did.

As you can probably guess, there are many, many sites of Scandinavian folk music out 'there'. These sites represent the "traditional" music players and the "new" traditional players. If you are interested in some of these links, please go to our music links page. .and remember that it's a wide world out there --- there's room for us all!






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