the Leksand Society

The Leksand Society was started by Roy Cummelin, a devoted fan of folk music from Leksand. His interest in that region's culture began with a flurry of visits exchanged between his family and fiddlers from Leksand between 1987 and 1989. Since that time, Roy has been encouraging other fiddlers to pick up these great tunes.

In 1985 Roy joined the original fiddling classes at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis that led to the formation of the renowned ASI Spelmanslag. While the ASI Spelmanslag has its largest repertoire from the Rättvik area, Roy has been building a repertoire of his own and sharing it with other fiddlers who love the Leksand tunes.

Joining Roy are Leksand Society members Char Brose, Jamie Harris, Jim Phillips, Allan Ollila and Kate Sterner, all members of the ASI Spelmanslag. The Society recently received a visit from four master Leksand fiddlers, who enthusiastically endorsed the Society's dedication to proffering the music of their home parish. Lars Jobs, Saras Göte Alfredsson, Kungs Levi Nilsson and Alm Nils Ersson joined the Leksand Society for their 2003 group photo.


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