Jonas Åkerlund
(fiddle, hardangerfele, viola d´amore, guitar, citern, swedish bagpipes)

Josefina Paulson
(nyckelharpa/keyed fiddle and the older type of keyed fiddle "kontrabasharpa")

Two musicians, two traditions, spoken in two different dialects, united in one common musical language. In this duo the traditional element is so evident that it naturally colours all aspects of their music. Yet, everything happens in the moment. They express themselves freely and in their performance they invite the listener into their world of musical stories, discussions and thoughts. On a variety of instruments, sounds and attitudes, the listener gets to step right into the middle of an ongoing conversation. This is how it sounds when Jonas and Josefina let their instruments talk.

Josefina Paulson - In Delsbo 2008, Josefina was awarded the title ”riksspelman” (national folk musican) by the Zorn Jury with the motivation "for playing the nyckelharpa lively and skillful, in the tradition of Uppland" In Västmanland, 2009 she received the Cultural Award from VLT on the grounds that "Josefina IS music" 2011 Josefina received the ”Bror Hjorth Scholarship” with the jury' commenting ”technically brilliant, very committed performance on the keyed fiddle with both the preservation of cultural traditions and a gentle personal and creative rejuvenation” Josefina has studied the one year course at Eric Sahlström Institutet and also has a bachelor in music, with the keyedfiddle as main instrument, at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.

Jonas Åkerlund - is well known for his deeply personal and tradition based playing, mainly of tunes from Västerdalarna. Jonas has been a professional musician for over twenty years. He is a sought after soloist and ensemble player in bands like ”Lure”, ”Esbjörn Hazelius Band”, ”Bowing 9", Rosén/Åkerlund etc. Besides playing violin, he also plays guitar, Swedish bagpipes, harmonica and traditional flutes. Jonas studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

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