Josefina Östling

Josefina Östling grew up with music in the air.. Her mother played piano and her uncle played fiddle. Folk music has been a part of her life since even before she can remember. She started singing when she was 8 years old. She has studied folk music at the Malung Folk School and the Music Conservatory in Falun, Sweden. She has learned musical technique and singing from some of Sweden’s most renowned folk musicians, including Maria Röjås, Sofia Sandén and Björn Ståbi. Her repertoire includes hundreds of songs -- from dancing tunes to powerful hymns, and, of course, the special “herding music” of Sweden, Kulning. She has been an active performer for 15 years as both a soloist and in various groups, singing in churches, at spelmansstämmor (festivals) and for dancing.

Josefina will be giving a singing workshop on Friday, June 11 which will teach songs from different areas of Sweden. Some will be songs with lyrics, and some will be tunes for accompanying dancing. In Swedish, this style of singing for dancing is called trallare. Listen to her sing two songs:   Kvällen Stundar   /   Lördagskvällen  

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