Mauno Järvelä and the Järvelän Pelimannit

"One of the most influential fiddlers in Finland for many years, Mauno Järvelä of Kaustinen continues to play a major role in the life, growth and development of the Kaustinen and national Finnish fiddle community.

As a teacher, Mauno has worked with hundreds and hundreds of Kaustinen students from knee-high tots to late teenagers, in folk, classical and other music fields. He has led a national crusade to make the folk music of Finland part of every day life through his school teaching and the development of a "Suzuki of the north" teaching system. His affect on his students has, for many years, been a major force in the fiddling styles of folk music players in terms of technique, composition, arranging and repertoire.

Mauno also performs and composes with the internationally famous band JPP and produces local recordings of the Kaustinen fiddle tradition. His extensive classical training and experience, including an eight year stint with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra expands the scope of everything he works with, ensuring that the Finnish fiddle scene is one of the most distinctive and fascinating musical forces in this world."

this text was written by Phillip Page 2002, originally published by the Finnish Information Centre (FIMIC)

Three of Mauno's talented children will be performing with him at Nisswa-stämman 2004 -
Alina, Esko and Aili. Together they call themselves the Järvelän Pelimannit and we are very fortunate to have them!

In Mauno's own words:

Mauno Järvelä
Born in Kaustinen municipality, 450 km north from Helsinki, near by the town Kokkola. In Kaustinen there are living 4500 people. Kaustinen is known from its fiddle-tradition, they have been playing violin in Kaustinen at least since the year 1750. In my family is now going the fourth generation in playing folk music. I learned Kaustinen-tunes from my father, he was a fiddler, a member of Järvelän pelimannit, the fiddle group of Järvelä village. My father as well has learned the tunes from his father. I have been teaching the tradition to my children, they also had the opportunity of listening to their grand fathers playing. I have been studying music (classical) and playing in symphony orchestras. Today I am teaching in different schools violin playing, chambre music and folk music.

Alina Järvelä
Born in Kaustinen. Alina is studying violin playing in Tampere Conservatory. Alina is a member in the Finnish-Norwegian folk music group "Frigg".

Esko Järvelä
Born in Kaustinen, studying folk music in Sibelius-Academy in Helsinki. Member of "Frigg".

Aili Järvelä
Born in Kaustinen. Studying in Kaustinen Music Gollege.

2004 Nisswa-stämman