Ivares Pojkarna (the "Ivares" boys) Son and grandson of Ivares Edwin Johnson, born in Rättvik Sweden in 1905. Edwin played fiddle in Sweden with his childhood friend and fiddle partner, Hed Jon (see photo below). At the age of 19, Edwin immigrated to Minnesota, bringing with him his love for his home and Rättviks music. Edwin played Rättvik fiddle tunes his entire life and passed it on to his son, Bruce Johnson, and his grandson, Paul Dahlin. Paul's son Daniel Dahlin started playing his great-grandfather's music at a young age and has become a real Rättviks fiddler. Daniel and Bruce are fiddle partners and have performed at Nisswa Stämma many times. Bruce's son Blake is now taking up the fiddle and they hope to have him play on their upcoming CD along with Daniel's father, Paul. Ivares Pojkarna plays tunes from Rättvik, Binsjö and Boda, located in Dalarna, Sweden. These guys play with a lot of feeling and energy. Make sure to take in one of their sets, unless you are susceptible to motion sickness.