Einar Eimhjellen, 67, lives in Naustdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Einar plays hardanger fiddle, flat fiddle, guitar, harmonica (munnspill) and 2-row button accordion. (torader) His specialty and real musical passion is the hardanger fiddle. Einar recently retired from his job as Agriculural Minister of Naustdal Kommune so he can devote himself fulltime to his folkmusic. He not only performs and teaches folkmusic, he also researches and publishes tunebooks.

A lifetime of Folkmusic. Einar was intimately involved in the formation of the Naustedalen Spelemannslag (fiddlers company) in 1954 and has been the leader of that group since 1968. Under his leadership, the group has made 4 recordings (Slåttar frå Sunnfjord, I Bryllaup, Amerikafararen, Dans i Fosshalla) and has made three tours to the west coast of the USA. He has led many smaller groups from within the spelemannslag, the oldest of those groups being Naustedølen, which was founded in 1980.

Other Members of the Orkester:

Andreas Ramstad - Accordion. (trekkspill) 54 years old, a teacher in Dale, Sogn og Fjordane. Andreas has played the accordion for 50 years. He performs with Dalsfjorden Spelemannslag, and with the groups "Jubelhornet" and "Naustedølen"

Odd Øverøyen - Doublebass. 65 years old, a dentist in Stavang, Florø i Sogn og Fjordane. Odd has played double bass 30 years. He also plays guitar. He plays in Naustedalen Spelemannslag and the groups "Hamlebandet" and "Naustedølen". Odd had the opportunity to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 5 months.

Petter Eide - Hardingfele and fiddle. (fele) 75 years old, a retired engineer from Sogn og Fjordane Energi Company. Petter has played hardingfele and fiddle for 62 years, playing in the Austrheim Musikklag, Gloppen Hardingfelelag and "Firdakvartetten" ensemble. He also plays for the dance club, Leikarringen i Gloppen and he was main fiddler for Noregs youth group. He has performed in the Norsk Høstfest in Minot, N.D. with Fjellklang Spelemannslag.

Atle Åsnes - Guitar. 50 years old and plays guitar in Dalsfjorden Spelemannslag. Atle works for the Norwegian postal service.

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