Tore Bolstad, Cajsa Ekstav, Bosse Larsson, Örjan Englund 

“This Swedish-Norwegian quartet will serve you a smorgasbord of delicacies from their
folk traditions. Whip a tablespoon of Valdresspingar in 3/4 time. Fold in a Swedish love tune and a cluster of polskas from Bingsjö and Uppland. Serve on a platter with waltzes, marches and stories of the musicians. A masterful musical joyful experience is promised. This accomplished group of musicians invites you to concerts and dances at the Nisswastämma 2009!”   

Tore Bolstad is a renowned Hardanger fiddle player from Valdres, Norway. He has played the Hardanger fiddle since the age of 9 and traditional music takes up most of his time. Tore learned from fiddlers in Valdres among them his great uncle Torleiv Bolstad, his grandfather Torgeir Bolstad and Olav Jørgen Hegge. He has been studying at the Ole Bull Academy at Voss. In 2001 Tore was the winner of the Landskappleik (national competition). Tore is also a dancer of the Valdres tradition. He has made several trips to the US as a performer and teacher of traditional music and dance from Valdres.

Cajsa Ekstav is a accomplished Swedish nyckelharpa player, fiddler, and traditional singer. Born in Vendel in the province of Uppland, she grew up surrounded by the rich folk music tradition for which the area is known. In 1990 Cajsa was awarded the title of “Riksspelman” (fiddler of the realm). In 2008 she was awarded the prestigious “Uppland Spelmansförbund” gold medal. The award honored her fiddling, singing, teaching skills, and for inspiring the devotion of many to Swedish folk music. Cajsa has traveled extensively performing and teaching the music of Uppland.

Bo ”Bosse” Larsson is a riksspelman and a highly respected fiddler in Sweden, playing in the tradition of his uncle, Viksta-Lasse (1897-1983), who was playing partner to the famous Bingsjö fiddler Hjort Anders. Bo also plays music from his home province Uppland, especially in the tradition of Gås-Anders. Bo serves as a modelfor many fiddlers and is a constant source of inspiration. He has a long fiddler’s career performing with Viksta-Lasse, his father Sven and with his children Robert and Ingela. He has also been playing a lot with Ole Hjorth and in the 70’s in the group Tre Lekare. Bo has toured extensively in Sweden and has also represented Sweden several times at international festivals. This will be his second visit to the Nisswastämma.

Örjan Englund is a master of artful harmonies and rhythms conjuring music from any musical instrument he touches. He started playing the accordion when he was 5 years old. He is an active musician in the Uppland area and plays in various settings. Through the years he has always had a soft spot for the rich folkmusic tradition of Uppland. He is a part of the Viksta-Lasse family and he carries on the family tradition in a very sensitive way and also composes new tunes in the traditional style. He has made several tours in the US, both with Cajsa and Bosse. The trio of Cajsa, Bosse and Örjan performed together at Nisswastämman 2001.


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