The group "Brodéns Kapell" comes from Sörmland in Sweden. They play the old Swedish folkmusic in a traditional way with special emphasis on dance rhythms. The members are: Ola Brostam, nyckelharpa, also known in this country as key fiddle, Lena Odén, fiddle and vocals and Christer Odén, fiddle, accordion and guitar. The Brodéns (the name of the group is a mix of their surnames) met at a "spelmansstämma" in their home district in 1997 and have been a tight combo ever since. They have produced one CD - view here.

The heart and soul of Brodéns Kapell is the native folkmusic of nothern Sörmland, especially the tunes from Fogdön outside Strängnäs. Typical rhythms of this region are "slängpolskas", "hamburskas" and waltzes, which they perform in spirited renditions at local village gatherings and dance halls. Also, if requested, or if the spirit moves them, they can play polska´s or "gammeldans" from Dalarna and many other places in Sweden.

The members have ordinary civilian occupations all being amateur musicians, but their musical backgrounds vary. Ola and Åsa learned the repertoire of Sörmland tunes of local master fiddler Ingvar Andersson in the 70's. Christer and Lena have a 'mixed bag' of influences from traditional music in Uppland, Dalarna and Sörmland (and the USA!). Christer is an American blues fan! In recent years Ola, Lena and Christer have received diploma, bronze and silver medals respectivley from the Zorn foundation of folkmusic awards.

Brodéns Kapell is a big favorite at Nisswa-stämman...this will be their third appearance here!


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