I'm Blecko Mats Johansson from Röjeråsen, Sweden and I'm coming to Nisswa-stämman to play lots of tunes with all of you! I play fiddle in the Rättviks spelmanslag. I'll be bringing along my wife Gunhild and my daughter, Anna Maria. Anna Maria is 10 years old and plays in the Rättviks lilla spelmanslag. Besides performing with me, she hopes to play with other young fiddlers!

Blecko Mats will be performing solo and with some of his friends here in Minnesota, including Bruce Johnson. Bruce's dad, Edwin Johnson, emigrated to Minneapolis from the village of Röjeråsen in 1924 at the ripe old age of 18. Edwin loved the music of his home village and played it in his new homeland with unbridled affection. His infectious musical spirit was the inspiration for much of the Swedish fiddling that is played in this country today. Blecko Mats plays the old Rättvik tunes with the same sort of feeling and it will be our great pleasure to get "infected" all over again!


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