the BECCY Group

Hans Mark - Glenn Söderberg - Karl-Eric Björk - Britt Svanström - Åke Lind

The group is a temporary constellation of musicians visiting our dear friend Rebecca Mariucci (Beccy) in Britt, Minnesota for three weeks during Nisswa-stämman time.

We come from Katrineholm, Sweden, a small town,with about 50,000 inhabitants, 80 miles from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. We love to play Swedish folk music, gladly for dancing. From one of Rebecca's ancestors, August Widmark, who lived outside Katrineholm 1824 ­ 1878, we have a number of tunes. We are all amateurs. We are traveling with another group from Södermanland called Spelklåda. Take a look at a picture of all of us CLOSE

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