Hjärp Erik, living legend in Sweden!

 Rättvik man Hjärp Erik was drawn to the accordion when Jularbo fever was rampant in Sweden. But he wasn't interested in Calle Jularbo's music. Erik's favourite music was to be found among the fiddlers in his home village of Blecket, and especially at the home of his neighbor Blank Kalle. Hjärp Erik has developed his own technique for adapting the fiddle tune ornaments, quarter notes and bowing strokes to his own instrument. Other accordionists, stunned, wonder how he can play like he does. Erik, born in 1928, has played the accordion for more than 60 years. Today he is more active than ever and has become an important role model for many accordionists and fiddlers in Sweden and America. Hjärp Erik has one CD release on the Giga label in Sweden: Långt Jässbod!

We at Nisswa-stämman are thrilled to welcome Erik to Minnesota!


Långt Jässbod

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