Nisswastämman Virtual Festival 2021

Nisswastämman Scandinavian Folk Music Festival announces with sadness and also a bit of pride in acheivement that they will be presenting their very last festival. After much hard thinking, the committee and staff members have decided that 22 years of producing the festival is enough. It's been a wonderful run! It is also important to note that we are not going away as an organization. We will continue to produce concerts and workshops in MInnesota into the future. The committee had hoped to present their last festival 'live' but the ongoing pandemic is preventing that from happening. A festival such as this involves months of pre-planning, travel arrangements, etc. So, we will once again sponsor a Worldwide Virtual Festival to take place on June 11, 12, 2021. The virtual festival will be presented on the Nisswastämman Facebook page and YouTube channel and will be presented in a pre-recorded format. Later information will be more detailed with times, etc. The Friday evening concert will include performances by Morten Høirup, Mia Guldhammer, Clara Tesch, Mads Kjøller-Henningsen and Kristian Bugge, Denmark;  Røros spellemans-gang, Norway;  Mauno Järvelä and friends, Finland 'Maskin' trio including Olov Johansson, Erika Lindgren and Robert Larsson; 
Sweden. The Saturday event will feature many short performances and recollections by nordic musicians and usa musicians that have appeared at Nisswastämman over the past 21 years. Stay tuned to the Nisswastämman website for much more detail coming soon!

There will be no admission charged, but there will be an opportunity for the public to donate money through with links on the webpages. All monies collected will go directly through to the performing musicians. Nisswastämman is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

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