1. Problem.. trees dying around Allspel stage.
No shade for musicians.
2. Solution.. build some shade! 
3. Side benefit...a little rain protection too!

1. Paul's photoshopped mockup of what we want
2. architect's drawing of arches
3. Paul's drawing of structure from a side view... showing arches, purlins and ribs. This structure will then be covered by a custom made canvas.
4. early glue up process
5. more early glue up
6. later glue up... getting more efficient
7. later glue up...64 clamps, oh my aching back!
8. finished laminating..22 layers!
9. laminating ribs and finish sanding
10. Glueing up fascia boards
11. Endless sanding of purlin boards
12. Routing ribs
13. epoxying all members for waterproofing
14. more epoxying...