Here are two Swedish/Norwegian understring or "drone" style fiddles that I have built. They have 8 strings, like a Norwegian Hardingfele, but are styled some ways after Italian dimensions. In fact, I used a basic Guarneri form for the body of these fiddles. they have a standard neck length. I did pay particular attention, however, to the graduations (thickness maps) of the top and bottom. For these measurements, I went back to the hardingfele for inspiration. I studied very carefully the top and bottom of a late model Gunnar Helland hardingfele. I then 'blended' the hardingfele measurements with the Guarneri measurements, favoring the hardingfele specifications overall. The result is an instrument living somewhere 'between' the two worlds of Hardingfele and classical Italian stylings.

SOUND SAMPLES! I am privileged to have two fantastic Finnish folkmusicians as customers...Esko Järvelä (Frigg) from Kaustinen, and Maarit Kyllönen (Leikarit) from Espoo. They have both recorded sound samples so you can listen to how my fiddles really sound. Listen to them here

Here is an interesting reprint/translation of a scholarly article by Lars Söderström about Swedish understring fiddles. It is translated by Wes Ludeman and is posted on the Northern California Spelmanslag website, summer-fall newsletter 1997.

I am selling my fiddles for $4000 as of Aug. 2010. I have access to some of the finest quality Italian and Yugoslavian violin woods, thanks to my friendship with Arnold Anderson, professional stringed instrument maker. Click on the scrolls below for more photos






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